We have developed a Mobile Compost Tea Center for Communi-tea

which will be able to come to your home garden or commercial farm or vineyard.


We can custom brew the tea for gardening professionals and deliver the tea to them for their own application.

It will also be available for use by other landscape/gardening professionals.



The graphics on the truck were redesigned by Allen Bram and installed the last week in January 2004.


The truck made its debut at the Soil Foodweb workshop with Dr. Elaine Ingham in San Mateo on January 31, 2004.

I bet she could really drive it!

About the truck, Dr Ingham commented, "Keep those critters happy in your beautiful new Communi-tea trucks. Top of the foodweb to you!"

We purchased a 100 gallon extractor from the folks at Nature Technologies for installation in the truck. We also bought a 500 gallon water tank for dilution of the tea. Brian installed a diaphram pump, sprayer nozzle and hose/hose reel...and a few other items. He added electric hookups and a generator for when power is not available. The first brew was made on March 14, 2004 under the tutelage of the folks from Nature Technologies.

We coverted the truck to run Waste Vegetable Oil and have considered adding solar panels for mobile power. We will also look into running the gas generator on an alternative fuel.


We are actively seeking people who want to work with us in all phases of this business, particularly in the area of marketing.





...a little history

This was the original design for step-van for Communi-tea business.

These pictures were taken right after we purchased the truck in spring 2003, but before it was painted or outfitted with equipment.



The back door will need to be modified.to fit the equipment Can't you just see this filled with compost tea brewers, sprayers, soil test equipment.......and a more comfortable chair.